We are open!

Healing Hands Mobile Massage is happy to announce its reopening for mobile services offering table and chair massage.

Click here to view information on our safety mesasures  being taken at this time of COVID 19 

Massage Programs and Events

Considering bringing Healing Hands Mobile Massage to your office?

One time event or initial visit  

All visits will require a minimum of a 2 hour duration.

Regular format: 20 min slots (3 people per hour – 15 minute massage each with a 5 minute switch over)

  1.    Choose a date and start time
  2.    Choose on-site coordinator                
  3.    Create a sign up sheet 

5 Easy Steps for on-going programs

  1. Choose a program / frequency of visits
  2. Choose a date/ day of the week
  3. Find a volunteer coordinator/ contact person
  4. Minimum 6 participants
  5. Method of payment

Statistics show that repetitive strain injuries are a very common cause and a costly claim for prolonged sick leave affecting the company and co-workers.

Program Choices

All of the following choices will start with an initial visit.

Initial visit : one day to get you acquainted with the chair massage service offered at full rate.

The following choices will be available with a commitment of a minimum of 12 visits within a year’s time.

1. Weekly: following the initial visit, once a week regular visits minimum of 6 participants required

2. Bi-weekly: twice a month same requirements as weekly visits

3. Monthly: Same requirements as weekly visits

All schedules for these programs will be set up to facilitate for 3 –15 min massages per hour.

For general health improvement and lasting benefits for our clients, we recommend regular weekly or by-weekly visits.

Interested in Chair Massage at your workplace?

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Space and room requirements:

A quiet semi-private space ( boardroom or spare office) with at least 5’ x 5’ of clear space.

Massage Coordinator:

We have found it very helpful to have one staff person assigned as an on-site coordinator to act as a contact person and a facilitator to ensure the booking of the massage room, to send a brief reminder and to communicate program details to the rest of the employees.

Ways to create the bookings

  1. Manually – a sign-up sheet is created and circulated by the massage coordinator.
  2. Online Booking – through our Healing Hands Booking System, making it easy for employees to take care of their own massage bookings.

Reminder emails sent by the on-site coordinator 2 days prior to the program is recommended.

Massage Menu

15 or 30 min : relax and restore

15 or 30 min : in-depth release

All massages are done using professionally designed portable massage chairs.

Your provider will use hands-on certified massage techniques concentrating on upper-back, shoulder, neck arms and hands. Please note that no oil will be used.

Recommended clothing: loose natural fibers

One time Events

  • Staff Appreciation Day Event
  • Celebrate a milestone or your staff’s hard work
  • Professional mingles
  • Wellness Expo

Find out about our Options and Rates

All bookings are subject to the standard 24 hour cancellation policy.

Thank you for considering bringing Healing Hands Mobile Chair Massage to your office. We will be happy to tell you more about these services and how they can benefit your office. Please contact us for more details on your personalized massage program to fit your schedule and your needs.

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On-site chair massage is there to help your hard working staff by offering :

  • Easy access to massage and care
  • Help with the relief of stress and tension,
  • Ease of discomfort from long hours of sitting doing computer work,
  • Prevention of long term injuries,
  • Ultimately helping to improve quality, productivity and staff morale.