We are open!

Healing Hands Mobile Massage is happy to announce its reopening for mobile services offering table and chair massage.

Click here to view information on our safety mesasures  being taken at this time of COVID 19 

Want a massage but don’t want to leave your room?

Healing Hands offers mobile table massage services in the comfort of your own home, hotel room, private parties and more.

Let our team of specialists bring relaxation to you. De-stress without extra effort!



1 Hour $140
1.5 Hours $170

All prices subject to GST


Relaxation (Swedish) Massage:

Breathe, release and unwind. Surrender yourself to relaxation, let the busy thoughts of the day melt away.

Enjoy a gentle reset of your nervous system.

Experience a relaxing Swedish style massage, featuring long sweeping strokes. With a firm but gentle pressure, your practitioner will focus on the surface layers of skin, muscle and  release the myofacial tissues. This style of massage is very effective in relieving the tension in muscles caused by stress and anxiety.

Experience feeling lighter, uplifted and restored from head to toe. 

Deep Tissue (Sport) Massage:

 Are you suffering from chronic pain, or perhaps newly formed pain? Do you have old injuries that continue to plague you, a busy lifestyle filled with stressful obligations or an active sports life?

 Deep tissue massage techniques facilitate the release of deeper layers of your muscles and facia system, while using less oil than a relaxation massage and a firmer slower deeper pressure.

These techniques are helpful in removing lactic acid built up and releasing tension in the facia layers bringing more mobility to your muscles.

Deep tissue massage will speed up recovery from injuries and soreness.

You will be feeling better in no time.





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