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Healing Hands Mobile Massage is happy to announce its reopening for mobile services offering table and chair massage.

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What We Do

Chair Massage:

Healing Hands professional team is dedicated to promoting wellness at your workplace.

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Using specially designed massage chairs and hands-on skills and techniques, we concentrate on reducing tension and increasing circulation in areas most affected by work-induced strain: the back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands.

Our certified staff members are trained to provide a meridian-based, acupressure form of chair massage. Natural fiber loose clothing is recommended. No oils or lotions are used.

We accommodate any size of office or event, including:

  • Ongoing massage programs at workplace
  • Corporate events 
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Workplace Wellness Initiatives
  • Staff Appreciation Events
  • Private Parties

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About chair massage

Chair massage was pioneered by David Palmer of the San Francisco-based TouchPro Institute in the early 1980s. He was commissioned by Apple Computers to provide an onsite service that would help their employees deal more effectively with the stress and tension that built-up on the job — without interfering with the regular flow of their business.

From that starting point, an industry was born. Quickly, chair massage began to show up in major airports, shopping malls and offices throughout the US. From its early beginnings at Apple Computer, chair massage has become an accepted part of company wellness plans throughout North America.


Workplace Stress Facts

  • 8% of Canadian payroll costs are stress-related (i.e. absenteeism)
  • 40% of employee turnover is caused by stress
  • Up to 50% of lost days are stress-related
  • Up to 80% of workplace accidents are due to stress and fatigue
  • 75-90% of all visits to health care professionals are for stress-related complaints
  • Only two in every ten employees work at full potential according to the National Commission on Productivity

Creating a Workplace Massage Program

This document will outline the easy steps you take to establish a workspace massage program.

Creating a Workplace Massage Program.

Table Massage:

Healing Hands provides mobile table massage to you where ever you are, in the comfort of your own home, hotel room, private parties and more. 
Our specialized certified team will set a comfortable, safe and professional work space to provide high quality holistic massage services.

Massage Options:

Relaxation Massage (Swedish) 

Breathe, release and unwind. Surrender yourself to relaxation, let the busy thoughts of the day melt away.

Enjoy a gentle reset of your nervous system.

Experience a relaxing Swedish style massage, featuring long sweeping strokes. With a firm but gentle pressure, your practitioner will focus on the surface layers of skin, muscle and  release the myofacial tissues. This style of massage is very effective in relieving the tension in muscles caused by stress and anxiety.

Experience feeling lighter, uplifted and restored from head to toe.

Deep Tissue Massage (Sports)

Are you suffering from chronic pain, or perhaps newly formed pain? Do you have old injuries that continue to plague you, a busy lifestyle filled with stressful obligations or an active sports life?

Deep tissue massage techniques facilitate the release of deeper layers of your muscles and facia system, while using less oil than a relaxation massage and a firmer slower deeper pressure.

These techniques are helpful in removing lactic acid built up and releasing tension in the facia layers bringing more mobility to your muscles.

Deep tissue massage will speed up recovery from injuries and soreness.

You will be feeling better in no time.

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